Gully Clearance

For over 13 years David and his team have been involved with clearing and planting gullies. Whilst much of this work has been with the Hamilton City Council, they have also worked on many private gullies clearing away blackberry and gorse and spraying as part of the management plan prior to undertaking planting.

Gully work is physically demanding and Ecolynx has procedures and practices in place to ensure staff wellbeing.

The photos show a gully infested with gorse and blackberry which was cut down to enable regrowth to be managed by establishing a spray programme.  In this project the organic waste has been eco-piled and the client proposes to burn it. Using the right herbicides will preserve any grass and grass regrowth whilst managing the grow back of gorse and blackberry.

In one recent Gully job we cut two tracks down to the bottom of a gully for Geotech tests/readings to be taken.  Given the gradient of the bank we had a rope down as well as those on chainsaws being tied off with a harness, all in accordance with our safe working practices.  During the job a large quantity of Privet, Gorse, Blackberry and Honeysuckle were cleared.

Please call us on 021 351 957 to discuss any work you need carrying out in Gullies.


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